Vinaya Puppala, a well-known anesthesiologist practicing in Villa Rica has eased the lives of many who were suffering from chronic pain. He specializes in interventional pain medicine, pain medicine, and more. Dr Puppala started practicing after graduated from the Washington University of Medical Science in 2008. Since then, he has been associated with three more colleges for completing his internship, resident ship and fellowship. Dr Puppala showed remarkable talent and outstanding skills for impressing everyone around. For him, the best way to make life meaningful was to help others. That is why he wanted to become a doctor.

One thing common among all the brilliant people is the focus. They know what they have to achieve, and they work for that. VK Puppala is focused and never let the negativity affect his focus.

“I never lose my focus. If I am determined about completing the work in a set timeline, nothing can distract me from giving my best to complete the work in time. I never lose my concentration. Because a lot depends on my expertise and knowledge. Failing to justify the same will disappoint millions. And, I cannot afford to do that.”

Vinaya Puppala has received many awards and recognition for his efforts and dedication to bring the right solution for various pains concerning the medical science. His presence has always been noted with respect. VK Puppala serves as the board of directors for many medical associations.

VK Puppala had made impossible, possible and aims at further continuing the same motive all his life.

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