Vinaya Puppala, MD is the first choice of people suffering from pain. His patients think he has magical powers to relieve pain. He makes pain management effortless. Patients know that he will surely cure their ailments.

He is a medical graduate from the prestigious Washington University and has attained sub-specialization in interventional pain medicine and anesthesiology. He has a rich experience of 10 years in pain medicine.

Vinaya Puppala, MD is different

VK Puppala, MD takes care that his treatments do not put a hole into his patients’ pockets. At the same time, he ensures that his patients get the best treatment. He is committed to improving their quality of life by relieving them of their pains.

His investigation to find the underlying medical conditions causing chronic pains is much detailed. His diagnosis is error-free. He has immense knowledge and experience in the pain management field.

Dr Puppala ensures to comprehensively complete the initial case investigation even if it takes more time to complete. He understands that it becomes more stressful and demotivating for the patient to recover after every failed treatment. He understands that the emotional state of the patient plays a very significant role in recovery.

His initial evaluation of his patients’ cases includes factors such as sociocultural conditions, family burden, emotional condition, thoughts about recovery, cultural and social stigma, social group, family reactions, tensions inside the family or social group, etc.

Dr Puppala has amazed many with his perfect diagnosis. He believes that perfect diagnosis is half job done.

Vinaya Puppala, MD is highly skilled

Dr Puppala specializes in the treatment of all kinds of acute and chronic pains. He has so far successfully cured chronic abdominal pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, headaches, neck pain, Myofascial pain syndrome, Joint pain, back pain, chronic pelvic pain, Cancer-related pain, Complex regional pain syndrome, and intractable neuropathic pain.

He is considered to be the most competent when it comes to performing medical procedures. Not many people know that he had performed his first microscopic neurosurgery at the age of 19.

He is the most trusted surgeon for patients seeking to undergo medical procedures such as Vertebroplasty Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials, Trigger Point Injections, Facet Blocks, Joint Injections, Implants Botox, Transforaminal Injections, Radiofrequency Ablation Kyphoplasty, Epidural Injections.

Vinaya Puppala, MD is a multi-tasking person

VK Puppala, MD is well-known in the medical circuit for his efforts towards the advancement of medical science. He undertakes progressive research in pain management. He is known for making breakthrough presentations nationally as well as internationally.

He is an important member of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, Spine Intervention Society, American Society of Anesthesiologists, American Academy of Pain Medicine, American Pain Society, and the North American Spine Society.

The Conclusion

Vinaya Puppala, MD has devoted his life to pain management. Relieving people from their pain is his first and only priority. What makes him special that he doesn’t adopt quick-fixes to do so. His treatments are methodical and accurate. Other doctors take inspiration from his unique treatment methods.

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