Vinaya Puppala has earned the confidence and respect of his patients in his over 10 years of practice. He is the most successful pain medicine specialist and anesthesiologist in Villa Rica, Georgia. He acquired a medical degree from the coveted Washington University School of Medicine. He later attained additional sub-specialization in anesthesiology and interventional pain medicine.

Vinaya Puppala, MD has a good rapport with his patients

VK Puppala, MD infuses positivity and optimism in his patients. He changes the perspective of his patients towards their own medical issues. He believes in educating his patients about their medical condition so that they can mentally prepare for the treatments.

He is always approachable to his patients and colleagues. He patiently listens to his patients’ concerns before explaining his diagnosis. Despite time-limitations, he ensures to give sufficient time to his patients during appointments.

He considers himself to be a lifelong learner and believes in the possibility of better treatment or medical decision. He has the passion to practice pain medicine and is dedicated to relieving people from their pains. He is an extremely hardworking and disciplined person.

All his patients feel valued and cared for due to his kind behavior. He is empathetic towards his patients’ concerns. He takes a keen interest in the pains of his patients. He goes the extra mile to figure out the root cause of their problems. He acquires detailed medical history from his patients, conducts research, and takes the opinion of other doctors.

What do patients say about Vinaya Puppala, MD?

“Dr Puppala is amazing! I felt empowered to improve my health after consulting him. It was as if I had fallen in love with myself all over again.”

Vinaya Puppala, MD is a good listener. Nobody has listened to my concerns so patiently before. I felt relieved after talking to him. After he explained his diagnosis in detail, I was convinced about recovering soon.”

“Dr Puppala gave me a clear plan of action to fight my pain. He was also very particular about checking my progress. I have never seen such an organized and vigilant person.”

VK Puppala, MD has changed my life! I had no hopes of recovering ever. I was shocked when he revealed the root cause of my pain. I had consulted so many physicians before him. It is amazing how he concluded this diagnosis.”

VK Puppala, MD has a good relationship with other doctors

Vinaya Puppala, MD and his colleagues’ have respect and regard for each other. He is an active member of several medical societies and a member of the board of directors of several medical associations. His good communication skills help him with his group duties.

He also involves his patients’ primary care doctor in his diagnosis or treatment for the well being of his patients.

The Conclusion

Vinaya Puppala, MD has immense knowledge and expertise in pain medicine field. His behavior is professional, kind and compassionate. He is committed towards the advancement of pain medicine field. He is certainly an extraordinary doctor!

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