Vinaya Puppala is a pain medicine specialist, who practices in Villa Rica, Georgia. He has more than 10 years of combined experience with internships and fellowships of working as an Anaesthesiologist. He has dedicated his life to pain management and aims to bring about a breakthrough in this field.

At 32 years of age, his life is already an example to follow for students seeking to pursue medicine. Dr Puppala has always been in the pursuit for better medical strategies to help his patients heal faster and lead a healthy life thereafter. Needless to say that his unmatched research instincts have helped him reach where he is today.

VK Puppala has remained in the good books of his professors as a student, of his seniors as an intern and of his patients as a doctor mainly because of his dedication to excel in whatever he did and his intention to help the humanity. Without a doubt one can say that there is lot to learn from him. His attitude towards his duties and responsibilities as a doctor is absolutely amazing.

Vinaya Puppala and his aspirations in life

“As a child, whenever I saw people around me suffer due to any kind of health problem, I got restless to help them but couldn’t. I blamed myself that why am I not able to relieve them from their suffering. I was firm much early in life that I want to pursue the field of medical science.”

People who have known Dr Puppala personally and professionally cannot stop admiring his spirit to help people. Due to this very reason, he carried out various researches to find solutions to the health issues faced by the people around him. His goal was absolutely clear to him and he tirelessly worked towards achieving it.

Once Vinaya Puppala realized his goal, there was no looking back for him. He was absolutely focused since childhood. He was not one of those kids who keep on changing their life goals with every new influence. In fact, he was the one who influenced others. He not only dedicated every minute of his life towards his goal but also worked on his instincts whenever possible.

How was Dr Puppala as a student?

He knew he had to make the most of his student life in order to achieve his goals in life. He was absolutely dedicated in mastering whatever was being taught in the course. But he did not stop just there. He conducted research for the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loyola University Medical Center, while he was in high school.

He graduated from the University of Illinois and it did not take him more than 12 months to complete his honors. Later, he joined the Washington University School of Medical Science, one of the best medical colleges, to make his aspirations a reality.

During his student life in the Washington University School of Medical Science, V K Puppala received a student grant from the National Institute of Health for a research related to nerves. Chief of Plastic Surgery Dr Susan MacKinnon mentored him for the research, which he successfully completed. It was at the age of 19 that he performed microscopic neurosurgery. It was the turning point in his life as this was when he got inclined towards the pain medicine, of which he is a specialist now.

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